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Jean Sibelius: Sonatine 2 Op. 67 for Two Guitars

Jean Sibelius: Sonatine 2 Op. 67 for Two Guitars


Like the first Sonatine, this elegant work of Sibelius follows the fast-slow-fast movement pattern (Allegro, Andantino, Allegro) and uses the whole range of the instrument, from low D to the highest B. Melody and figurations shift fluidly from one part to another; while the first guitar part has most of the upper-position notes, both parts are equally interesting and satisfying. Measure numbers appear at the beginning of every line for ease of rehearsal, and, as with all Archives duet publications, page turns have been carefully planned for a minimum of fuss during preparation and performance.

Transcribed for two guitars by Theodore Norman from Three Sonatines op. 67.

  1. Sibelius: Allegro
  2. Sibelius: Andantino
  3. Sibelius: Allegro

Arranged for two guitars with the permission of Breitkopf & Härtel.