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Los Angeles Electric 8: Interlocking Textures

Los Angeles Electric 8: Interlocking Textures




Extremely rare limited run CD (recorded 2012) from the pioneering electric guitar octet, featuring music by Charles T. Griffes, Mantle Hood, Randall C. Kohl, and Steve Reich; Interlocking Textures encompasses a century of American composers inspired by the subtle melodies and complex rhythms of Indonesian gamelan. Also included are premiere recordings of compositions by Jonathan Guillen and Kai Kurosawa alongside reinterpreted works by Dmitri Shostakovich and Toru Takemitsu.

Los Angeles Electric 8: Hugo Aguayo, Tom Farrell, Philip Graulty, Kai Kurosawa, Marc Nimoy, Felix Salazar, JohnPaul Trotter.

Please note that remaining copies of the CD have slight scuffs on the cover.

  1. Kohl: Suite Mundial, Op. 10: Preludio
  2. Kohl: Suite Mundial, Op. 10: Balinesa: El canto de los changos
  3. Kohl: Suite Mundial, Op. 10: Javanesa: La danza dorada del gamelán
  4. Hood: Implosion
  5. Takemitsu: Romance
  6. Reich: Electric Counterpoint: III. Fast
  7. Guillen: The Fog
  1. Kurosawa: Warr Guitar Counterpoint
  2. Griffes: Three Japanese Songs: Hampelas
  3. Griffes: Three Japanese Songs: Kinanti
  4. Griffes: Three Japanese Songs: Djakoan
  5. Shostakovich: Octet, Op. 11: Prelude (Adagio)
  6. Shostakovich: Octet, Op. 11: Scherzo (Allegro molto)