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Igor Stravinsky: March, Waltz, Polka for Two Guitars

Igor Stravinsky: March, Waltz, Polka for Two Guitars



These delightful works convey the humor and playfulness of Stravinsky while challenging the guitarists to maintain rhythmic and melodic ideas shared between their parts. Each piece was dedicated by Stravinsky to a different friend, and the works seem to take on qualities associated with these individuals: Alfredo Casella (March), Erik Satie (Waltz), Serge Diaghalev (Polka). Amateur and professional duos will enjoy these miniature gems from one of the great composers of the last century. Note: The three works are recorded by the Elgart/Yates Duo on the Sinfonia CD.

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Challenging yet not overly difficult, the pieces are both musically and intellectually rewarding...they feature numerous interesting devices...[and are] suitable as both dynamic concert material and informal chamber music.

Guitar Player Magazine (USA)

Easy to play and enjoyable; suitable as an encore.

Gendai Guitar Magazine (Japan)

Transcribed by Matthew Elgart from Three Easy Pieces for Piano Duet (1915)

  1. Stravinsky: March (Dedicated to Alfredo Casella)
  2. Stravinsky: Waltz (Dedicated to Erik Satie)
  3. Stravinsky: Polka (Dedicated to Serge Diaghilev)

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