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Walter Marsh: Drawings for Two Guitars

Walter Marsh: Drawings for Two Guitars


This set of nine short pieces is my collection of musical fragments from 20 years ago found in my studio. There are studies, fragments, some captured feelings and anecdotes, including a triptych of similar ideas and a musical "sketch" made during an airplane flight I felt might end in flames. These short musical ideas were developed using compositional approaches taught by Theodore Norman in his guitar ensemble class at UCLA. Drawings is dedicated to Donald Gudehus in honor of his support of the Theodore Norman Legacy. —Walter Marsh

New "Concert" (9x12in) edition! Now available in print and digital download versions.

  1. Marsh: Drawing 1
  2. Marsh: Drawing 2
  3. Marsh: Triptych I (Drawing 3)
  4. Marsh: Triptych II (Drawing 4)
  5. Marsh: Triptych III (Drawing 5)
  1. Marsh: Drawing 6 (conceptual)
  2. Marsh: Drawing 7
  3. Marsh: Drawing 8
  4. Marsh: Drawing 9 (Tower Air)