Peter Yates: Robot Dream

Peter Yates: Robot Dream (CD)

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Exploratory works for guitar played by Peter Yates, including world premiere recordings of works by Marshall Bialosky, Douglas Wadle, Theodore Norman, and Peter Yates.

  1. Norman: Toccata
  2. Norman: Piece 1
  3. Norman: March
  4. Norman: Piece 2
  5. Yates: Robot Dream
  6. Krenek: Suite fur Gitarre allein
  1. Yates: First Hobo Cadenza
  2. Berio: Sequenza XI
  3. Yates: No Way Jose
  4. Bialosky: Gitarondo
  5. Wadle: Incarceration
  6. Gutierrez & Peter Yates: San Miguel