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Peter Yates: No Way Jose

Peter Yates: No Way Jose



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An extraordinary collection of acoustic and electronic music by Peter Yates. You have never heard anything like this music anywhere else. Other performers are Matthew Elgart (guitar), Laura Rosky-Santoni (violin), Lucia Terry (piano), Kristi Alderman (soprano voice), Barry Socher (violin), Armen Ksajikian (cello), Bryan Pezzone (piano), Nicholas Yates (voice), and the Modern Arts Guitar Quartet.

  1. Yates: Who?
  2. Yates: Maple Sugar
  3. Yates: I Never Forget
  4. Yates: Recipe
  5. Yates: In My Glass
  6. Yates: Ex
  7. Yates: The Gift
  8. Yates: Brazil Nut
  9. Yates: Man to Man
  10. Yates: Strangers 1
  11. Yates: Strangers 1 & 2
  12. Yates: Monoptych
  1. Yates: What, Him Again?
  2. Yates: Ping Pong®
  3. Yates: Visible Notion
  4. Yates: You Are What You Eat
  5. Yates: Grunion Run
  6. Yates: Thank Heavens
  7. Yates: Enemy Anenome
  8. Nicholas Yates/Peter Yates: Alone
  9. Huddie Ledbetter/Peter Yates: Good Morning Blues
  10. Yates: No Deposit
  11. Yates: Taco Stand
  12. Yates: Devil's Gate (1991)