Elgart/Yates Guitar Duo: Prepared Guitar

Elgart/Yates Guitar Duo: Prepared Guitar (CD)

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The sensational tour-de-force CD recording by the duo who wrote the book on prepared guitar. You won't believe your ears. Twenty-five compositions for prepared and unprepared guitars by the Elgart & Yates duo from 1985 to 2004. Each selection documents a piece, a style of playing, and the sound-world of a particular acoustical environment.

  1. Elgart: Laseter (for prepared guitars) (1983)
  2. Yates: Brazil Nut
  3. Elgart & Yates: Aalborg
  4. Elgart: Cortona
  5. Elgart & Yates: Son
  6. Yates: Maple Sugar
  7. Yates: Lunch Music
  8. Elgart: Another View of the Pond
  9. Elgart: Pearls Are a Nuisance
  10. Yates: Bridge of Lions
  11. Elgart: Eco
  12. Elgart: Left (1991)
  13. Yates: Ping Pong®
  1. Yates: Fortune Cookie
  2. Elgart: Snack Shop
  3. Elgart & Yates: Up
  4. Elgart: Capriccio I
  5. Yates: Gradus
  6. Yates: Blueberry
  7. Elgart: Wadsworth
  8. Elgart: Capriccio II
  9. Elgart: Prepared '97
  10. Yates: Mitotic Square Dance
  11. Yates: Anima Cantos
  12. Elgart & Yates: Fanfare