Elgart/Yates Guitar Duo: Music of the 20th Century

Elgart/Yates Guitar Duo: Music of the 20th Century

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The debut full-length recording by the astonishing Elgart & Yates Duo. This LP is an audiophile analog recording. Note: It's also available as a CD.

Certainly one can tell from their tremendous playing technique that this pair of American guitarists has nothing to fear from their duo competitors.

Neue Zeitschrift für Musik (Germany)

  1. Stravinsky: Spanish Suite (Zarzuela, Arietta, Notturno, Danza, Lullaby, Jota) 1971
  2. Hauer: Zwölftonspiel
  3. Norman: Samba, Glad Rag, Kolo
  4. Hindemith: Boston, Ragtime (1922)
  5. Elgart: Laseter (for prepared guitars) (1983)
  1. Wilson: Lunch Music (for prepared guitars) (1984)
  2. Stravinsky: Eight Pieces ("Les Cinq Doigts") (1921)
  3. Sibelius: Sonatine Nr. 3 Op. 67
  4. Krenek: from Eight Pieces for Two Guitars (Scherzo, Air, Waltz, Toccata)
  5. Wilson: Bluegrass